The simple and flexible nature of RKT solution underline a powerful solution that will help you to organize and communicate with images. From a desktop application to an enterprise wide solution. RKT has the power you need to accomplish the task.

PAX - it (Digital Image Management)

Ease of use is a PAX-it hallmark. With customizable tool bars, extensive use of wizards, and an organization interface that people understand right out of the box, PAX-it makes it easy.

  • Electronic filing system

  • Image Database

  • Image Annotations

  • Reports & Presentations

  • Measurement & Analysis

  • Networks & Communications


RKT also supplies various types of Microscope for your needs.

  • Olympus

  • Nikon

  • Leica

  • Carl Zeiss

  • Meiji

PAX - Cam

PAX-can is a feature-packed, high-resolution digital microscope camera

  • When you need a broader range of flexibility, with more choices for capture resolution.

  • Highest resolution settings can help when you need to make very accurate measurements of small objects.

  • Pax-cam has couples that are designed for Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Meiji and most other microscope brands.

  • Pax-cam digital cameras have standard C-mount threads for easy connection to readily available optical couplers manufactured for specific microscopes.

Culture Solve Stage Incubator

Real-Time cell culture monitoring platform designed to maintain environmental condition.

  • Live Cell imaging in controlled environment with Fluid Exchange

  • Designed for Live-Cell Research which maintains and control all the important environmental (Temperature, Humidity and CO2)

  • Investigate, real-time in vitro reactions under microscope, unattended for days (normally 14 to 30 days)

  • Complete with Motorized Stage Controlled by PAXIT & PAXCAM and compatible with any Inverted Microscope


Pax-it Brochures 
1. Pax-It Brochure

Paxcam Brochures 
1. Pax-Cam Industrial Brochure
2. Pax-Cam Pathology Brochure
3. Pax-Cam Gross Imaging Station

Culture Solve Stage Incubator
1. Culture Solve Brochure